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Message from the DVC-Finace and Administration

I want to welcome you to the web page of the Office of the RIU Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs. On this page, you will find useful data and information about the office and its various departments. The Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs is responsible for the fulfillment of the University Objectives related to administrational and financial affairs.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor supervises the operational functions of the University administrative and financial system and facilitates all financial and administrative procedures. Moreover, he provides financial and administrative services to all units in accordance with the university rules and regulations. In addition, he monitors various aspects of staff developments and budget preparations and allocations to all departments and support centers.

Since its founding in 2017 as Rwenzori International University Project, RIU has rapidly progressed to becoming a licensed Institution of Higher Learning. As a licensed University the DVC Finance and Administration shall be glad and ready to offer you quality services through our numerous service points and offices. As a student through the Accounts Offices, as an employee or prospective employee through the Office of the Director of Human Resources, the Office of the Chief Accountant and the Office of the Physical Plant Manager.

The tremendous progress made by the University so far would not have been possible without the unstinted support of devoted directors, shareholders, stakeholders, volunteers and administrative staff who have bravely come up with ideas, institutional visions and objectives.

I am sure that Rwenzori International University with its commitment to being a regional beckon of critical thinking, innovation research and social inclusiveness for "together we will" will continue to grow rapidly in the days and years ahead as one of the Regional’s premier research and teaching universities.

Deputy Vice Chancellor Finance and Administration
Email: dvcf@riu.co.ug