Fees Structure

Academic programmes/ Courses Minimum Fees Per Semester Fees (International Students)
Bachelor of Business Administration ugx 810,000/= $250
Bachelor of Social Work & Administration ugx 612,000/= $190
Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness and Management ugx 810,000/= $250
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Extension ugx 810,000/= $250
Bachelor of Education (Primary) ugx 612,000/= $190
Bachelor of Information Technology ugx 810,000/= $250
Diploma of Education (Primary) with all subject combinations ugx 414,000/= $115
Diploma in Early Childhood Development ugx 414,000/= $115
Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality ugx 450,000/= $125
Diploma in Information Technology ugx 450,000/= $125
Diploma in Industrial Design ugx 450,000/= $125
Short Courses ugx 300,000/= $100

Students taking courses that have labs will be required to pay a lab fee of 50,000 per semester. The above fees does not include student's pass and VISA where required. Students from countries for which the Government of Uganda requires to pay student pass and/or VISA fees, shall pay any/or charges for the same

Other Fees / Functional fees;

Fee Name Amount In Dolars Duration
Application Fee UGX10,000 $4 Once
Development Fee UGX50,000 $18 Per Semester
Examination Fee UGX20,000 $8 Per Semester
Internet Fee UGX20,000 $8 Per Semester
Library UGX20,000 $8 Per Semester
UCHE UGX20,000 $8 Per Year
Registration Fee UGX10,000/= $4 Per Semester
Student Academic Bulletin UGX30,000 $12 Once
Student Guild Fee UGX20,000 $8 Per Semester
Student Handbook UGX20,000 $8 Once
Student ID UGX10,000 $4 Once
Utilities UGX10,000 $4 Per Semester