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  Online Application Guideline for RIU 2023/24 Academic Year  
  Things you need;  
  • An email address and Telephone number 
  • Scanned copies of your certified academic Documents & transcripts and a passport sized photo in either PDF, JPEG,PNG to pick Key details like award institution, index number for O and A level, year of award or sitting etc and later upload them to be accessed in the registrar's office.
  • An Internet Connection 

Step 1: Accessing the Application Portal Link 

Access The online application link as listed in the advert. Ensure that the page is secure before you continue.
NOTE:  There might be other websites masquerading as the application portal. Only access the link advertised by the university.

Step 2: Filling a Form

After Logging in, click on the “Click Here to Apply Now” Button to view the advertised Schemes. Read the instructions carefully of each of the scheme you want to apply for.


Fill in the application form accordingly. To submit there is minimum information that must be captured indicated by the (*) in red colour. If you don’t have this information ready, simply close the form and return to it when you have all the information required to submit the application form.


Once the  form is completely filled and submitted the following actions can be done;
Remember to Logout after you have finished applying. 

Click Here to Apply Now